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Technical Info

... if you want to know more than that our screeding machine will save you time, money and back ache...

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Please see the bottom of the page for usage diagrams.



50 Kg / 111 lbs

Power absorption

0.7 kW


110 V / 220 V

The trolley advances electronically

Minimum working width

2.5 m / 5.2 ft

Maximum working width

3.7 m / 12.1 ft

Maximum working efficiency

100 m2/ h

Main Materials Used


Aluminium - Avional


Composites - Light Alloy


Stainless Steel


Polymers added with molybdenum bisulphide

Materials Used


This machine covers a range of quick drying, high strength heavy screeds and standard sand and cement screeds.



Light transport wooden box


total weight 93Kg (207lbs)


85cm (1.77ft height) x 252cm (5.24ft length) x 42 cm (0.87 ft width)


Simple to Put in Place - Easy to Use

screeding preperation diagram screeding preperation photo

Preparation of the Level Guides

setting screeding guide diagram setting screeding guide photo

Setting of the guides

placing screeding machine diagram placing screeding machine photo

Putting in place the Lomar 106 or 107

screeding machine results

Feed it Screed !

cleaning screeding machine

... to finish, wipe the wheels with a damp sponge - easy maintenance

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