screeding machine


MDS Lomar are exclusive distributors of the Lomar 106 and 107 screeding machines in the United Kingdom and Ireland, these inovative screeding machines are now a key factor in producing a high quality finish at speed.

As an example these machines can screed up to a maximum of 100m2 per hour, rather than approximately 15m2 when laid by conventional methods. That's over 6 times faster screeding...without the back ache.  


screeding machine


The benefits of using Lomar Screeding Machines

  • Reduces Manual Effort
  • Reduces Back Pain
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Increases Productivity - over 6 times faster screeding
  • Consistent Quality of Finish
  • The Lomar 107 screeding machine has a more advanced control panel which can be set to work around obstacles such as waste pipes and power points
  • Machined floors can be power floated due to improved compaction

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