screeding machine

The Better 'Screeding' Way of doing It...

You've spent the entire screeding day up to your screeding knees in screeding cement. You're covered from screeding head to foot in what is supposed to be the screeding floor. It's still only half screeding finished and half screeding dry. Deadlines and budgets to meet and everyone wants everything screeding yesterday ... at half the screeding cost it was last screeding week.

screeding nachine detail

The Lomar LOM106 Automated Screeding Machine

Screeding Faster, Screeding Cleaner, Screeding Cheaper !

It does the screeding job.

P.S. We do apologise for using language, which lets be completely honest is only fit for the building site... but we really do want you to understand how much we can help you get the screeding job done.

Don't just take out word for it. See for yourself the results of the Lomar Screeding Machine

screeding machine

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